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Impotence Treatment And Symptoms
Impotence Treatment And Symptoms
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Its increase creates an increase in pressure inside the cavities of the cavernous bodies, which become compliant. In the process, there is an increase in the length and thickness of the penis, the angle of its rise changes, it becomes elastic. Their quality of life suffers greatly because of this. Individually selected drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men can be effective and will restore the opportunities lost for one reason or another. Any violation of this process can provoke erectile dysfunction.  
This is how an erection occurs. Before an erection, the smooth muscles of the arteries and corpora cavernosa relax, due to which the vascular resistance decreases, ensuring rapid blood flow. Patients suffering from it are susceptible not only to physical, but also psychological discomfort, which can intensify the manifestations of the former. Even if you have a sedentary job, a gym, or a simple five-minute exercise between work will help restore blood circulation throughout the body.  
Basic preventive recommendations: • Lead an active lifestyle. However, your future health and sexual activity largely depends on how carefully you approach the task. If everything is too bad in life, change it: change job, city, environment. • Give up bad habits - alcohol and tobacco cause circulatory disorders and chronic insufficiency of the sex glands. • Avoid environmentally unfriendly places. Among the most beneficial sports for men's health are running, swimming, yoga. • Eat right.  
Fried steak and beer are men’s food, but only in words. Working in uranium mines can bring a lot of money, but you can't buy health from them. Remember, even perfectly healthy men have hormonal disruptions, so do not forget to regularly undergo preventive examinations to identify possible deviations in a timely manner. The basis of any prevention involves lifestyle changes - often radical ones. To maintain the activity of the reproductive system, a man's body needs greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, unrefined vegetable oils, coarse grains, eggs, nuts, dairy products - the whole range of healthy balanced food.  
• Avoid prolonged stress. And they are not combined with taking some "heart" drugs. In no case should you take these drugs on your own, since there are many nuances in the selection of the dosage, the analysis of concomitant diseases and the assessment of contraindications. IFDE-5 does not directly provoke an erection and requires stimulation for an erection to occur. All IFDE-5 are contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases.  
Therefore, taking it only after a doctor's appointment. In most cases, they are always suitable for all patients. The most common treatment for ED is medication. In some cases, surgery or even an implant may be required, but this applies only to the most severe cases of ED. Is it possible to somehow cope with the problem on my own? For example, the UK's National Health Service recommends drinking no more than 112 grams of alcohol per week - and not all at once.  
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